Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little Hands, Big Art!

I recently started a toddler art play group at my house. We meet every other Tuesday. The majority of moms in my group have children whose ages range from 1 - 4 years. We meet for 2 hours. The first 30 minutes or so is free play. Then we start our art activity. Children are allowed to freely participate in the art activity, for whatever duration they desire. Some kids get really into it, some just like to observe, while others spend more time in free play. The art group is free. Depending on the activity, parents may be asked to provide low cost materials. After our art activity, the kids have a snack or eat lunch (provided my moms).

On our first meeting, I found out that many of the moms didn't know what art activities to do with their kids. They raved about my creativity which I found odd because I don't think of myself as being very creative. Of course, my husband, upon looking at all my craft supplies stored in my homeschooling/craft closet, would beg to differ. So I'm going to start posting art activities you can try with your tiny tots.

I will list an appropriate age range for each of the activities; however, use this as only a starting point. Your children will let you know what they are ready for and are capable of doing. Listen to them! If necessary, adapt the activities to your child's specific needs.

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